Variety is the spice of life  that's the theme of this recording. I chose selections from 1899 to 1979, and attempted to frame each tune using a different ensemble mix: one appropriate to the era or the particular tune. So you'll get everything from a traditional Dixieland line-up (Sister Kate) to a simple piano/vocal duet (Ill Wind) with many variations in between. I hope you will enjoy the many styles, moods and textures that have resulted from this effort. And although this was supposed to be a vocal album, I couldn't resist including two ragtime tunes to feature Chris and Eddie.

What a great feeling to record with a bunch of good buddies. When you work with friends who you trust and respect, and leave a lot of the ideas and planning to them, you never know what you'll get, but you know it will be fun. In addition to their wonderful musicianship throughout the recording, there are some special contributions that I'd like to acknowledge.

Special thanks to Eddie for his pre-studio ideas, about tune selections and road maps. Jim & Dan made time during their unbelievably busy travel/performing schedules to sandwich in this project while they were in the Bay Area. Many thanks to Chris for his arrangements (see credits for specifics) and for his patience in adapting the arrangements to this singer's needs. John is my rock of Gibraltar  the very best friend this "chick" singer could want. Mike Cogan gets music credits as well as productions credits, because he always contributes as much to the style and sound of the recording as any of the musicians on the date. And he is unfailing in the crucial hand-holding and advice-giving functions as well. And what can I say about Jackie? It is very simply a great privilege to know this special man  and then to get to record with him... it makes me happy as the day is long.