Las Vegas, 2004

In two decades of friendship and musical collaboration there have been roller coaster times, years of growth, and years of adversity. There have been arguments, misunderstandings, and heated debates. But this valuable, incendiary, honest give-and-take relationship has fostered some fine moments, both personal and musical, many of which are captured on this CD.

The album is an exploration of the variety of sounds and styles possible with a musical duo: Big Mama Sue's voice and percussion, and Mr. Excitement's piano (and voice and a lot of other bells and whistles). Arrangements were a collaborative effort. We run the gamut from sweet ballads (La Vie En Rose, That's All) to lightening speed stride (This Joint is Jumpin'). We hope you have as much fun as we did exploring the musical clichés of the 50's pop scene (The Wayward Wind).

On a personal level, this CD reveals the "coming out" of Mr. Excitement. No, not THAT kind of "coming out." Mr. Excitement comes out from behind the piano, and actually lets the world experience his witty entertainer persona (Cuban Pete, Sisters). Friends and fans familiar with Mr. Excitement will marvel at this previously unseen personality. And of course he plays his fingers off, as usual.

There is one school of thought on proper album construction that mandates a "theme" or consistency of mood or style. We chose the second type of album construction, which more accurately reflects our live performance style: an eclectic program designed to entertain, as in a concert. So you'll get a variety of standards specially arranged (If Dreams Come True, My Buddy), and also a mix of comedy and odd tidbits (Bells Medley, Plus Je T'Embrase). Have fun!

— Sue Kroninger