After years of urging from mutual friends (and Yenta Jesse) Eddie & I decided to try our luck with some duo performances in February this year. After the very first gig we concluded that this was too much fun to be called work, and both of our spouses agreed that we could all retire to Barbados when our first album goes platinum.


What we actually discovered is that we have a mutually shared gluttony for ham, baloney, gin, chocolate and Fats, and that we tend to silliness (but only slightly) when given the smallest encouragement. Our rehearsals for this recording quickly degenerated into giggles, snarfs and guffaws—oh well, so much for the platinum.

So we decided to just share the fun, call this a party album, and relax with it. We hope you do the same. In fact, give a party and invite us via your tape machine, and we'll all have a great time. Sing along. Throw confetti. Get weird. Do cow and chicken impressions.

A quick personal note: Eddie Erickson is simply a joy to work with, and to know. People ask after performances if he is always "that way". He is. But he is also one of the finest musicians I have ever met, a consummate professional, genuinely funny and a really nice guy. And for the record, he modestly objected to the inclusion of this paragraph.

Sue Kroninger May 1992

Big Mama Sue Kroninger has been entertaining for more years than she will allow to be printed. A veteran of local vaudeville and musicals, Big Mama has played the West Coast Dixieland Jazz Festival Circuit, entertaining concert audiences from Seattle to LA, with The Monterey Bay Classic lass Band, Churchill Street Ragtime Band, San Francisco Starlight Orchestra, Classic Jass, and with her own band, Big Mama Sue and the Low Society Jazz Band. For the past 10 years, Sue has been producing entertainment for corporate and convention audiences starring in special shows and theme parties, and developing such characters as Diamond Lil, Red Hot Mama Claus, Zelda Queen of the Gypsies and more. A proud card carrying member of Washboards International, she resides with husband Randy Elwood in Santa Cruz, California.

Fast Eddie Erickson's performing career spans at least as many years as Big Mama's and he will even admit most of it. Highlights of his lifetime career as a full time musician include the zany years at The Warehouse in Monterey, three years with The Golden Horseshoe Review at Disneyland, and six years as the leader of The Riverboat Rascals at DisneyWorld. He has appeared on the Jerry Lewis Telethon, as part of the Mickey Finn Show, with Rosie O'Grady's in Florida, and in Monterey area clubs and private parties too numerous to list. He has toured allover the US and Canada with Jake Stock and the Abalone Stompers, thrilling audiences with his blazing banjo and humorous songs. He is the proud father of two teenagers, and resides with wife Mimi Cleary in Pacific Grove, California.