Question: In addition to the accordion, which three instruments are the butt of more jokes than any others? If you answered banjo, tuba and washboard, you'd probably not be challenged in highbrow music circles. There is no accordion on this recording...maybe next time. But we compensate by adding ukelele, penny whistle, kazoos, and other strange sounds to our basic trio of much maligned music makers.

Question: Where does one find material suitable for banjo, tuba and washboard?

Answer: It ain't easy, but in this recording you will find tunes from many eras, all done in the rollicking-raucus-but-swinging-occasion-ally soulful-vaudeville-revival style of Big Mama Sue and Fast Eddie. The addition of John Moore as the anchor man makes the whole thing a musical feast as well as an entertaining program. So dust off your funny bone, relax and join the party.